Permanent Makeup
Also known as micropigmentation a non-surgical procedure of applying natural or synthetic pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. No tattoo machines!  The SoftTap* method is the gentlest and easiest way to implant color into the skin.  The SofTap* needle configurations are designed to provide maximum comfort, complete control of color placement with fast healing.

Only disposable needles, brushes and spatulas are used. With a decade of safe pigment manufacturing the SofTap* pigments have been proven to be hypoallergenic and MRI safe.

Pigment Application

A custom pigment is mixed for your special coloring or desires.  A topical anesthetic is applied to the area then your special color is implanted using sterilized disposable needles.  Strict sanitation and sterilization guidelines are followed.  Comfort level varies from client to client but most is from anxiety rather than discomfort.



Enhance or define the shape of your brows to look soft and natural with no need for brow pencil

Brows will be tender for a couple of days and appear dark for 5-6 days, then after the healing period the color softens up 50%. Clients describe the sensation as tweezing their brows.

Eyebrows.Before.jpg (53392 bytes) Eyebrows.After.jpg (55608 bytes)

Add depth and definition with soft color as an enhancement or a thicker defined line for a more dramatic effect.  Eyes may be tender for a couple of days.  No more runny, smudgy eyeliner.  

Eyeliner.Before.jpg (50032 bytes) Eyeliner.After.jpg (80449 bytes)
Key Benefits for clients who:  
Are active and want to save time  
Have poor eyesight  
Desire freedom from makeup  
Are physically incapable of applying makeup  
Have allergies to regular makeup
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