Now there is a non-surgical alternative to laser resurfacing with NO DOWN TIME! Using intense pulses of light called PHOTOFACIAL to treat fine lines, age spots, sun damage, dilated capillaries, redness of the face and neck.

It has also been noticed to tighten pores and improve your skin texture and tone with the RejuveLux Process!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What areas can I treat?
A: Any area except around the eyes can be treated quickly and safely. Areas with sun damage, freckles brown spots, arms, legs, chest etc.
Q: What should I expect after treatment?

The pigmented lesion will be slightly darker after treatment then fade away in about 10-14 days.

Spider Veins (tiny vessels) depending on size most small veins disappear right after treatment. Larger veins may take another treatment.  

Some people experience temporary redness in the treated area shortly after treatment that subsides within the hour. Treatment does not interfere with normal activities.

Q: What are treatment Sessions like?

No down time, quick and easy. The hand piece emits light that breaks up the pigment in the lesion with little to no discomfort.
Patients with wrinkles under the eyes and dilated vessels on the cheeks. After 5 treatments there is considerable improvement in wrinkles and sunken appearance under the eye (no collagen injection).
Patients with fine wrinkles under the eyes. Treatment resulted in clearance of wrinkles and filling of the region without collagen injection
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